About Us

PartyLounge was founded by Mark Pondoff former child star actor in 2001.

Our very first coach was the family RV called "The Travel Queen". The Travel Queen AKA "TQ" was a 1972 Dodge Class "A" motor home. Mothballed after a divorce and parked for years in Whittier, CA. After the caretaker of the coach found a bum living in it, Mark decided to bring the little coach home to Huntington Beach, CA. Shortly thereafter Mark spent some time on the TQ transforming her from an RV to a mini party bus.

Mark wasn't sure how it would work out, however his motto is "nothing ventured nothing gained". Owning his own handyman business and being in Real Estate, Mark is a busy guy. However, starting the party bus company turned out to be so lucrative he sold all his real estate holdings to fund PartyLounge.

Mark has gone on to build 5 buses total. Each one with its very own and unique stories. Stay tuned!

Capt. MarkyMark, Vince Neil and Mrs. Captain

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